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Minnesota Industrial Hemp Association Supports Chairman Peterson's CBD Legislation

The Minnesota Industrial Hemp Association (MIHA), a broad coalition of businesses and individuals who advocate for the re-emerging industrial hemp sector from field to consumer, announced today the organization's support for Chairman Collin Peterson's  bill (H.R. 5587) that would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to the regulation of hemp-derived cannabidiol and hemp-derived cannabidiol containing substances.

"The Minnesota Industrial Hemp Association recognizes the important role FDA plays in evaluating the safety and efficacy of CBD safety regarding a variety of products. We also have an appreciation of the role Congress plays in oversight of federal agencies to ensure the executive branch meets congressional intent" said MIHA President Dave Ladd.

"The explicit language in the bill that ‘hemp-derived cannabidiol or a hemp-derived cannabidiol containing substance’ are exempt from the drug exclusionary provision as it applies to food and dietary supplement products would remove one of the roadblocks for the re-emerging industrial hemp sector and would adhere to the intent of Congress when crafting the 2018 Farm Bill".

For additional information, please contact MIHA at

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